Any Suggestions, Doctor?: An Improvised Adventure in Space & Time - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet Waterfront - Waterfront 1

Jump aboard the TARDIS for a hilarious improvised parody adventure! Our team of highly trained performers will whisk you away to anywhere in space and time, from when dinosaurs roamed the earth to the futuristic delights of Slough! Coming off the back of a fantastic Edinburgh Festival Fringe run, the Any Suggestions Improv team have short-circuited Cybermen, matched minds with The Master and defeated deadly Daleks, but now they face their greatest challenge yet: Brighton! Choose what, where and who as we grab our bag of jelly babies, adjust our bow ties and get ready to run. Allons-y!
Event Tags: funny, sci-fi, family, adaptation, improv
Warnings: Age 7+

Performance Dates and Times


      25 26 27 28
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