BLINDFOLD: The Night of the Hunt - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet Waterfront - Waterfront 1

The hunt is on! In the absurd maze of society, who is the hunter? The prey cannot run, nor hide, enslaved in the arrogance of a system that devalues human nature and thrives in the deprivation of hope. A fear-producing industry relentlessly divides us into those producing and those consuming fear. THE A.M.A. - A professional group of disabled actors from Greece touring under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Board (EOT) . The battle to conquer all that is "different", and to combat prejudice within ourselves is the ultimate hunt!
Event Tags: performance art, absurdist, contemporary, surreal
Suggested Events: Eglantyne, The Burning Gadulka, The Forecast
Warnings: Age 12+

Performance Dates and Times


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