Smut Slam Cabaret: where sex and storytelling collide - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet Waterfront - Waterfront 1
Cabaret and Circus

The finest filth at Brighton Fringe, told by the people who lived it. Hosted by Cameryn Moore, this storytelling cabaret - based on the smash circuit of 'Smut Slam' open mics - boasts a rotating programme of real-life sex stories, plus sexy clowns, dirty music, burlesque babes, and Njoy sex toys, aww yeah. There are currently nine monthly 'Smut Slam' locations around North America and four in the UK: London, Manchester, Bristol, and Brighton. All 'Smut Slams' have the same goal: creating an encouraging, fun, open space where audiences of all types and amounts of sexual experience feel welcome.
Event Tags: LGBT, funny, variety, storytelling
Warnings: Swearing, Age 16+

Performance Dates and Times


    17 18      
    24 25      


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