Fall of Duty - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet Waterfront - Waterfront 2

1916. An actor falls from the sky in Northern France. A hundred years on, can Sue and her son Jack, 20, escape political turmoil and an addiction to infinite warfare? Four people thrust together by war, song, reality, and escapism, but pulled apart by a century. The true story of Basil Hallam and Forces' sweetheart, lesbian, Elsie Janis, recreating 'Gilbert the Filbert the Knut with the 'k''. Nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Show Brighton Fringe 2016 for 'Deep in The Heart of Me' - "incredibly enjoyable, endearing, utterly believable" Arts Award Voice, "The sweetest of Fringe treats" Fringe Guru
Event Tags: LGBT, funny, historical, new work, musical theatre, contemporary
Warnings: Age 12+

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