Reuben Lovett, Paul Murray, and Alastair Gray - Brighton Spring 2017

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox

A selection of three talented singer-songwriters bring their musical stylings to please your earholes.

Alastair Gray - Intimate and fragile acoustic songs from a similarly intimate and fragile singer.

Paul Murray - "Murray's music and lyrics manage to conjure images and thoughts much grander than the sum of their parts, with the kind of introspective nobility that could serve as the soundtrack your life flashing before your eyes during your final moments" - Jimmy Volts, XYZ magazine

Reuben Lovett - A visualisation of intimate and sensitive folk music through the stylings of contemporary rock. Reuben's performance is packed full of energy, and will have something for everyone.

Event Tags: acoustic, live music, rock, folk, contemporary

Performance Dates and Times


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