Madame Señorita: Espousa - Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 3
Cabaret and Variety

Award-winning performer Paula Valluerca, AKA Madame Señorita, presents Espousa. Combining fear and fun, sexiness and madness, it's a clowning riot that takes place as a result of a prelude to a life of happy domesticity as an espousa (wife). 'A physical comedy talent with an impressive voice' (Steve Bennet, Paula Valluerca displays broad parodies of both womanhood and her need for acclaim, in a piece that jumps between being scary, daft, profound, teasing, erotic, bonkers, threatening and, sometimes, heartbreakingly sad. This work is influenced by the schools of Phillipe Gaulier and Jaques Lecoq.
Event Tags: comedy, clown

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