Peter Antoniou – Happy Medium - Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sweet Holyrood - Holyrood 3
Cabaret and Variety

If you could ask a psychic a question what would it be? Direct from London’s West End, award-winning '"psychic" comedian Peter Antoniou brings his unique skills to peer inside your head, fondle your frontal lobe and tickle your funny bone. Think of a question, it can be about your past, present, future, your love life, or what colour your underwear is. It doesn’t matter what it is, Peter has an answer for you. ‘His ad-libs are fast and sharp… a balance between humour and astonishment’ ([i]Scotsman[/i]). ‘Tall, dark and charming' ([i]Skinny[/i]). ***** (
Event Tags: magic, comedy

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