The Recovery Version - Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 2

Hogmanay. The Highlands. A time for traditions, for second chances and gathering distant family. An all-male story of growing up, of long nursed hurts and lost intentions, told with lively, affectionate Scottish banter and original songs. Out of Glencoe comes a funny, lovingly dysfunctional tale of three generations of men. In Lochaber and beyond, Ilona Munro is known for creating laughter and thoughtful commissions in mental health. Bright Productions works with local talent, including musician Chaz Stewart, recently guitarist with the Donnie Munro Band. Failte! Laugh, tap your toes and see a real bit of Highland life.
Event Tags: modern, new writing
Warnings: Some swearing.

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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