Maria Peters and Katy Schutte - Double Bill - Brighton Summer 2017

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox

Science of Cringe - It's the centre of a Venn Diagram where behavioural science meets character comedy meets storytelling. In this hilarious show, Maria Peters ("Left me helpless with laughter" - Fringe Guru, BBC Radio Comedy Writer) explores what makes a human cringe, what even is a cringe, and what would happen if we ignored it entirely?

Schutte the Unromantic - A comic solo show written and performed by Katy Schutte (Happily Never After, Knightmare Live, Who Ya Gonna Call?). This is the story of her trying to find love despite freezing up at chocolates, serenades, and thoughtful surprises. For the record, Katy is perfectly happy to put Baby in a corner.

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