Lava Elastic - Brighton Autumn 2017

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox
Cabaret and Variety

Lava Elastic or... (human beans performing stuff?)

A comedy/performance night for beings...all beings...all are welcome! (Having said that, it's not a huge space, please don't try to bring your dogs, cats, or any houseplants). So what can we expect, you ask? Where do we begin? Comedy, poetry, dance - who the age of avoiding spoilers on the internet...that, let's face it, 'spoil' everyone's fun...just rock up and see what lovely entertainment we will put in front of you. We can guarantee you one thing, you won't regret it!

From the people who brought you ' at the Nightingale' and everything Marianna Harlotta's ever done...Lava Elastic

Actually if you do want to know what wonders will be on our bill, then follow us on Twitter @Elegnetsia or on Facebook - Elegantintheroomproductions

We look forward to hosting you and sharing some wonderful things/talents and people with you!

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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