Get Fit With Bruce Willis - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox

Disco flirts with 'Die Hard' in new comedy drama 'Get Fit With Bruce Willis' - or 'How Jimmy Somerville Saved My Life'. An ageing Jimmy Somerville impersonator sells his soul to the devil - in the shape of a Yorkshire granny - in return for fame, sex, and money. But his wife, tired of being ignored, is finding love and lust in the arms of a hunky office junior. Desperate for success, he gives himself a week to get fit like Bruce Willis. In the end he realises he has to stand up for himself - with the help of Jimmy Somerville and Doctor Seuss.
Event Tags: disco, funny, live music, new work, musical theatre
Warnings: Swearing, Age 16+

Performance Dates and Times
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