Dave Benson Phillips: Christ, I Thought He Was Dead! - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet St. Andrew's - Main Hall

Do you remember Dave Benson Phillips? If you were a child in Britain from the 80s to the early 00s, there's a fair chance you watched him on TV... Playdays, Playhouse Disney, Fun Song Factory, Get Your Own Back! to name but a few! He was all over children's TV... then suddenly, he wasn't. An internet death hoax, that worked a little too well, halted Dave's career. Now starring in his brand new show which is part cabaret, part Q&A, some children's songs, some audience participation, and possibly some gunge... *(If Dave does die before you see this show then it will be cancelled!)
Event Tags: talk, funny, live music, spoken word, solo show, storytelling
Suggested Events: Know Brexit
Warnings: Swearing, Age 14+

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