The Grimmest of Grimm Tales - Brighton Fringe 2017

Sweet St. Andrew's - Main Hall
Kids and Youth

Did you know the Brothers Grimm collected together over 200 different stories? Why do we only ever hear about Cinders and Snow White? Were the others too scary? Too gruesome? Or a bit rubbish? In this brand new family comedy with music and comedy for ages 5+, The Story Squad introduce a whole new cast of weird and wonderful characters. Meet Godfather Death, Hans my Hedgehog and a deceased chicken in an irreverent, comic quest to re-tell some of the lesser known tales from the Grimm's collection of fantastical fables. "Witty staging... lots of charisma... quality storytelling" (Three Weeks).
Event Tags: funny, puppetry, family, adaptation, storytelling
Warnings: Age 5+

Performance Dates and Times


29 30 31        


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