Down The Pub With Luke Wright - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox
Literature and Spoken Word

Flamboyant, political and riotously funny, Luke Wright creates inventive poems with loads of heart. Part Essex wide boy, part dandy fop, he writes from the sidelines about small-town tragedies and national farce, then performs his work with snarl and spit. Since 2006 he has written and performed nine spoken word shows and two verse plays, touring them to top literary and arts festivals. "One of the funniest and most brilliant poets of his generation" (The Independent) "Cool poems" (Patti Smith) "Pulsating, poetic storytelling" (The Guardian) "Performance poetry's key revivalist" (Metro)
Event Tags: funny, spoken word, solo show, poetry
Warnings: Age 18+

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