Metamorphosis - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox

One morning as Grete Samsa was waking from anxious dreams she discovered that in bed she had changed. Bringing a female perspective on Franz Kafka's classic tale Metamorphosis, this lyrical and physical one-woman show explores how Grete navigates the shifting dynamics of the family household, and her inner transformation from child to woman. Featuring the "classily brilliant" Heather-Rose Andrews ('Fannytasticals', 'Cacophony') and written/directed by Sam Chittenden ('So You Say' - "A small gem of inward acrobatics"; 'Moving Slowly' - "haunting & heartening"; 'Underworlds' - "perfectly constructed").
Event Tags: new work, physical theatre, spoken word, solo show, poetry, storytelling
Warnings: Age 18+

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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