Wan In Wan Oot - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Dukebox - The Dukebox

Miss Mckay is with child, having been artificially inseminated by the sperm of her wife's best pal, and she's very worried about the size of her baby's head. Miss Mckay's wife wishes there were no such thing as bloody Dr. Google. Mrs Mckay Senior is "On Her Wey Oot". She is telling death to "F**k Off". She is telling the nurses to "F**k Off", and she is having a wee laugh at the expense of the "wumman in the bed next to her". A play about the extraordinariness of ordinary family history, memories, and what happens to families when those we love come into our lives, and when they leave.
Event Tags: LGBTQ+, funny
Warnings: Age 16+

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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