Too Young to Stay In - Too Old to Go Out - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

In his new show Nigel Osner casts a quizzical eye over life's challenges for those, shall we say, just that little bit older. Going out, love, holidays - even the gym! He does this in a series of original songs and stories by male and female characters. Nigel was nominated for excellence in new writing at the Buxton Fringe 2016 for his previous show 'Angel to Vampire!' "Tremendously talented and very entertaining" (The Scotsman) "Go and see this unique show" (FringeReview) "His sweet and funny characters will stay with you afterwards like old friends" (Buxton Fringe Review)
Event Tags: solo show, new work, storytelling
Warnings: Age 18+

Performance Dates and Times


        25 26 27
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