Richard Todd: Toddymandias, Todd of Todds - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

A living statue watches as a vandal tags her. An artist draws the same image over and over with indomitable zeal. A small-town-convenience shopkeeper eschews convenience to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. A comedian plans to conquer Brighton Fringe. Fools? Maybe! Dreamers? Certainly! Pension Plans? Probably not. Let's go meet them! In a celebration of the human spirit, Chortle's "One-to-Watch 2018", Richard Todd, prods hope's perpetually moribund body with the indubitable stick of logic and asks: "Why won't it die?". "Painfully funny" **** (The Scotsman)
Event Tags: new work, solo show, stand-up, storytelling, surreal
Suggested Events: Fiona Sagar: Working Progress, Heidi vs Sharks: Work in Progress, Alex Petrovic, Fiona Ridgewell, Graeme Collard
Warnings: Age 16+

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