Rob Deb: A Stand Up Guy - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

Bi-cultural, demi-sexual, 42 year old Londoner WLTM varied audience with GSOH to tell jokes of a politically irreverent nature. Likes: comic books, 80s horror and second edition Dungeons and Dragons. Dislikes: social media, bureaucracy and watching 'Love Island' with the sound up. Rob Deb is a circuit regular, and described as "the Lenny Bruce of sci-fi" (The Skinny), "If you don't like zombies or role playing you will be bored" (Chortle), and "an Irish Indian comedian for the kind of people who eat curries while downing Guinness" (Edinburgh Student News).
Event Tags: funny, solo show, stand-up, storytelling
Suggested Events: David McIver is a Nice Little Man, Mixed Race White Bloke, Dave Chawner: Mental
Warnings: Age 18+

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