It Never Rains: 2016 in Review - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room
Literature and Spoken Word

Despite accidentally catching cancer, lunch poet Daniel Searle was one of the few people to not die in 2016. Through a series of spoken word pieces he looks back at the year in which a series of icons passed away, people voted for chaos in various forms, and he massively crapped himself after realising for the first time that he wasn't actually immortal, despite being as ginger as Highlander. A comic reflection on death and the destruction of unity, art, and society, with occasional bouts of maudlin introspection and self-pity, this is one for all the family.
Event Tags: funny, new work, satire, solo show
Suggested Events: Fiona Sagar: Working Progress, Dave Chawner: Mental, Rob Deb: A Stand Up Guy
Warnings: Age 16+

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