BOLSHIE - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

An irreverent and incomplete history of the Russian Revolution in response to a hundred years of bullsh*t. 'BOLSHIE' asks the important questions others have shied away from; who is the best looking revolutionary? What breed was Trotsky's dog? Was Lenin a frustrated children's entertainer? What would Bernard Cribbins have said if he'd been there? Tepid on the heels of 2016's successful Brighton Fringe debut 'I Demand A Recount!', Different Goal are delighted to be back with a fun-filled, magical, musical, madcap show that may not change the world but will at least be a bit of a change.
Event Tags: funny, historical, variety, satire, solo show, political
Warnings: Age 14+

Performance Dates and Times
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