A Really Really Big Modern Telly - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Werks - Werks 1

"Gone are the days of leaving the house to be entertained. We've got something new, something the dusty stage and movie theatre can't offer, and best of all, it now stars you". A double bill of comedy plays simultaneously celebrating and condemning modern life, sandwiched in sketches. An 80s re-imagining of the myth of Narcissus, and a contemporary fable, blending live theatre and projection, questioning what happens when the consumer becomes the consumed... "Move over French and Saunders; Stokes and Summers are in town!" (Highly Recommended: Fringe Review)
Event Tags: funny, devised, revue, multimedia, sketch show
Warnings: Age 11+

Performance Dates and Times


28 29 30 31      


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