She Wolf - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Werks - Werks 1

Cersei Lannister is a character based on Queen Margaret of Anjou. This woman was a badass. Or was she? Was she pure conniving evil to the core? Or was that fake news spread by Shakespeare's mainstream media? Premiering at Melbourne Fringe in 2017 to critical acclaim, in 'She Wolf' Gillian English "takes the big guns on and leaves us laughing as she chips away at false idols." (Plus Ones). "She is alive, full of wit, sarcasm, royally thick venom and French smelling intrigue." (Weekend Notes)
Event Tags: funny, historical, classical, spoken word, solo show, storytelling
Warnings: Age 15+

Performance Dates and Times


    23 24 25 26 27
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