Decide-A-Quest - Brighton Fringe 2018

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

A high-energy comedy reworking of classic game books such as 'Choose Your Own Adventure' and 'Find Your Fate'. Embark upon a Quest to find the Yeti and use your deciding powers to guide your avatar, 'You'. But decisions have unpredictable consequences! Where will 'You' find himself? The jungle, outer space, Vegas, or a portaloo round the back of a charming mountainside restaurant called 'Yakkedy-Yak'? Who knows? Join us on a fantastical voyage through a vast character-filled comedy cosmos; featuring Terry Gilliam-esque animated sequences, a stuffed prop box, and even our own theme tune! "Nostalgic buffoonery" **** (Reviews Hub)
Event Tags: funny, slapstick, game show, interactive
Warnings: Age 12+

Performance Dates and Times


  29 30 31      
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