Smut Slam Cabaret: Where Sex and Storytelling Collide - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 2
Cabaret and Variety

The finest filth on the Fringe, told by the people who lived it. With music, burlesque, occasionally clowns and a phone-sex-operator host, you will leave transformed, or at least turned on. Cameryn Moore wrestles this international cult sensation into place (consensually) for Edinburgh. One open-mic spot per night for brave audience members to tell their own smutty tales! ‘The stories were as diverse and explicit as anyone would have expected, and, well…let’s face it, we all knew what we were getting into’ (
Event Tags: true-life, storytelling
Warnings: Strong language. Strong adult content.

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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