Andy Onions – PowerPointless - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 2

High-octane, stand-up comedy show. Andy Onions (Resident MC of the Timeout recommended Freedom Fridge) takes you on a nonsensical multimedia journey. Films, game shows, computer games and obscure childhood sports are woven into Andy Onions daft tales. If you love Street Fighter 2, Superman or quizzes then this show’s for you. Come and see a grown man in a Hawaiian shirt lose it for an hour. It will be the most lovable breakdown you’ll ever see. 'Some say Andy put the compoop into nincompoop. I say he put the nin in there too' (Tim Shishodia).
Event Tags: multimedia, stand-up
Warnings: No strobing, but it is a multimedia show with fast paced animation.

Performance Dates and Times
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