Heidi Regan: On Time (Work in Progress) - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

Heidi Regan, winner of BBC New Comedy Award 2017 and So You Think You're Funny 2016, presents a work in progress of her new show. After tackling international trade deals and life via the medium of shark films in 2018, this year she has simplified to looking at time travel. Tired of immature stand up like 'Your Mama' jokes? Come see some more existential pondering on the nature of time and human existence, like 'Why has Heidi put on a bit of weight recently? Because every time I have sex with one of your great-great-grandparents and inadvertently become your ancestor, they give me a cookie.'
Event Tags: LGBTQ+, funny, stand-up, surreal
Warnings: Age 18+

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