Operation Annunaki (Save Caroline Lucas from Illuminati Lizard Sacrifice) - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

Save Caroline Lucas from Illuminati Lizard sacrifice! Conspiracy theorists have been raging about ancient alien lizards for decades. Are you so sure they're wrong? Brighton is the home of the Wizards Against Lizards resistance. Only Brighton can stop the takeover. Join the resistance! Follow clues through North Laine, avoid detection and collect the tools you need to save Caroline, Brighton, and the planet. This reality-bending, multi-dimensional live game/performance is a very limited experience, for only 4 teams per day, requiring use of WhatsApp and your thorough, active participation. - This is an interactive immersive role play theatre spy game for teams of up to 5 players, starting at 2pm and ending at 6.30pm. - There will be breaks to get drinks and dinner around Brighton's North Laine - This multi-dimensional game uses digital and physical spaces, as well as WhatsApp. One of your team MUST have a working phone, a portable charger, a loud ringtone, a good data plan, and WhatsApp for this game to work. They will also need a QR code reader. - This event requires walking around North Laine and the Lanes, so wear comfortable shoes. Unfortunately, this event currently uses venues that are not wheelchair accessible. - Your active and thorough participation is required. You will be expected to complete a variety of tasks, and to play along. NB: One ticket covers one team, and your team may consist of up to 5 players (equivalent to £30 per person).
Event Tags: site-specific, promenade, multimedia, sci-fi, interactive, surreal
Warnings: Age 18+

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