Rob Deb: Old Comedian of the Year Finalist 2018 - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

June 25th 2018 - weight was 22 stone. September 25th - 16 stone and 7 pounds. A remarkable story of diet and determination, except I'm typing this as of 19th December and I'm still at 16 stone. Given when you're seeing this I may have bloated. If you come on the first night, I'll have taken my mum to see Christy Moore the night before. Because I'm eating fewer sweets, I'll be giving financial advice on how to save money while living with three generations in one house. "Slick" (Chortle) "The Lenny Bruce of sci-fi" (The Skinny)
Event Tags: Health, educational, horror, sci-fi, stand-up, film
Warnings: Age 18+

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