A Cosmologist's Guide to Life and Love - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2
Literature and Spoken Word

A funny, poignant and uplifting account of what cosmology, and those who study it, have to say about the more earthly matters of life and love. This Sunday lunchtime illustrated talk will take you from the soul to the solar system (and beyond) to make you laugh, cry, and go "Oooh, that's interesting". It will answer questions such as: How far would you have to travel to find yourself in an infinite universe? What were the chances of being born? And can studying the universe resolve Brexit? Julian Mayers is a part-time astrophysicist, BBC radio comedy producer, writer and filmmaker.
Event Tags: funny, talk, multimedia, science, sci-fi, storytelling
Warnings: Age 10+

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