Bin & Gone - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

The son of a Saturday night favourite. A father who performed with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and the son who ended up with nothing, penniless, and in care. Famed for quiz show '3-2-1', Ted Rogers was an 80s TV star, with celebrity friends from Thatcher to The Krankies. 'Bin & Gone' is the untold story of Ted, the man who played to millions, yet ended his days bankrupt and out of work. With personal memories and disarming honesty, Ted's son Danny, along with Dusty Bin, tells this tale of riches to rags in an intimate show exploring what it means to live in the shadow of a famous father.
Event Tags: variety, game show, solo show, documentary, storytelling
Warnings: Age 12+

Performance Dates and Times
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