Utopia: Under Construction - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

This hilarious comedy show endeavours to build a new utopia, in just one hour! Three of the South West's best comedians will pull together to reinvent a greater society, but they can't do it alone! You're invited to the construction site of a new utopia. So don your hard-hat and get ready for a riotous site tour; hammering away at the big questions, telling jokes, and building a brave new world! Can it be done? Or will it just be late and over budget? Book now and find out! An evening of fun, friendly, satirical hilarity not to be missed!
Event Tags: funny, satire, stand-up
Suggested Events: Bondage Queen Sings the Hits
Warnings: Age 18+

Performance Dates and Times


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