Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

Full-time idiot Jack Stark hasn't written this show. A story about procrastination and panic. Jack Stark is a new persona from the artist behind the cabaret clown Kiki Lovechild, who has trained with the masters of clowning, including Gaulier and de Castro, and toured variety halls for 14 years. "A wonderful clown that smacks of the black and white films of old. His physicality is simple and fluid, and his enjoyment of what he does shines through brightly" (The Metropolist) "He fills us all with wonder, laughter, and love. His is a unique work of art" (Fringe Review)
Event Tags: mime, clown, slapstick, solo show
Suggested Events: Griffin and Jones: Surprisingly Good Magicians, Father of Lies, Bondage Queen Sings the Hits
Warnings: Age 12+

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