All Work, No Play - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2
Cabaret and Circus

We all have to work. Awk longs for a better life outside the shackles of mediocrity, but there's something that keeps holding him back. Awk is on the clock, and he doesn't have long until his time is up. All Awk wants is to impress you and to be loved. He's quite happy if you laugh at him, not with him, as long as he gets the attention he desperately craves. So come and join Awk as he returns for a second year of Brighton Fringe adventures. He may even sing you a little song to say thank you!
Event Tags: new work, clown, devised, solo show, tragedy, surreal
Warnings: Age 10+

Performance Dates and Times
No Performances
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