Tiptree: No One Else's Damn Secret But My Own - Brighton Fringe 2019

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

Who was James Tiptree Jr.? A CIA official? An "ineluctably masculine" sci-fi writer? Or a 61-year-old woman from Virginia? She was, in fact, all these things, and it began with a jar of marmalade. Alice Sheldon led a life of exploration and experimentation, all the while struggling with depression, sexual confusion and gender bias. Some found her frustrating and difficult, many more loved her. Winner of numerous awards, she had one named for her too, or rather for her alter ego: James Tiptree Jr. Award for works of fiction that explore gender. "Wonderfully engaging" (Stroud Theatre Reviews).
Event Tags: historical, new work, sci-fi, solo show
Warnings: Age 12+

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