Des Kapital: I'm Loving Engels Instead - Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 3

Des (winner of Gulag’s Got Talent, Ex-Soviet Republic Factor, No Voice, Strictly Pooling, Dancing on Siberian Ice) story-sings the history of world communism (Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Russia, China, East Europe) in his hilarious new interactive cult karaoke show using the music of Robbie, Elvis, Beatles, Astley (Brezhnever Gonna Give You Up), ABBA, Taylor, Katy, The Smiths (Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Mao), Bowie (Stazi), Sinatra (The Leader Is a Champ), Sandy Shaw (Andropov on a Swing) and lots more! Sell-out shows at the Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe 2017/18. Entertaining and weirdly educational. Latecomers purged.
Event Tags: music, storytelling
Warnings: Audience Participation

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