Caliban’s Codex - Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Sweet Novotel - Novotel 1

In the 12 years since Prospero's departure, Caliban has painstakingly sifted through the ashes of the books of magic, slowly piecing together a way to save his island from mankind's abuse. By turns both magical and disturbing, Caliban’s Codex gives you an insight into one of Shakespeare’s most mysterious characters and shows him to be much more than the much-maligned monster he is often taken for. This intense and personal postscript to the Tempest was written by John Knowles, stars award-winning actor Emily Carding, and was nominated for several awards at Prague Fringe 2018, including best performance.
Event Tags: solo show
Warnings: Scenes of Violence

Performance Dates and Times


12 13   15 16 17 18
19 20   22 23 24 25
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