Accordion Fight Show - Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Sweet Grassmarket - Grassmarket 2
Cabaret and Variety

Strangely’s folk-punk-cabaret riot returns with new songs and shenanigans. Prepare to sing along and battle for fabulous prizes against the world's loudest, nakedest, accordion player! See the show dubbed 'too big for the indoors!' Strangely 'plays it again and meanwhile tells some anecdotes before inviting people to help him out, then shoehorning an audience member into his pants and ending up almost naked with his leather thong on show, whilst held aloft by the crowd in a tour de force ending that is as impressive as his thong is thin' (
Event Tags: comedy, burlesque
Warnings: Audience Participation, Nudity, OtherPartial Nudity

Performance Dates and Times


    21 22 23 24 25
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