Des Kapital: There May Be Chernobyl Ahead - Brighton Fringe 2020

Sweet Werks - Werks 1

Des (winner 'Gulag's Got Talent', 'Ex-Soviet Republic Factor', 'No Voice', 'Strictly Come Harvesting') recreates the Chernobyl incident of 1986 (now with added health and safety!) in his hilarious cult karaoke show using the music of Nat King Cole, Diana Ross ('Core Reactor'), Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Craig David ('It chilled by Sunday'), Taylor Swift ('You knew this was Chernobyl!') and lots more. Simply Red! (no 'Simply Red'). Sell-out shows in Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe 2017-19. Entertaining and weirdly educational. Latecomers purged.
Event Tags: historical, new work, solo show, storytelling, educational
Warnings: Age 12+

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