Bignell & Andrews Are Doing A Thing (It's a Work in Progress!) - FEMFEST 2020

Sweet Werks - Werks 2

Hi there - Bignell & Andrews here. We thought we might come to Femfest 2020 and do a thing. You know - a thing, where you do the thing and hope people like the thing that you do, and then say nice things about the thing. Maybe even have a laugh at the thing. Things are great, and we're totally sure you'll like this thing. We'll do all the songs about things, and some of the funny chatty thing stuff. And hopefully all the things will work and then we'll do more things with the thing.

Wait - is that what Work in Progress means? Should we have just said that we do fun songs, surreal sketches, and hope that everyone likes it? Oh...

Event Tags: new work, music, sketch show

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