Bignell & Andrews Do A Fringe! - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Old Steine - Steine Main

So, ages ago, we did a show, and it sold really well and we were super excited about doing the Fringe. Then the thing happened, so we sat in our houses and just got a bit stranger than we already were. Which is a good thing - it means we've bloomed into a beautiful weird flower, if a flower is the pair of us singing more songs and doing strange sketches and largely messing around to make you all smile. And if that is a flower, then we're here to give you a bouquet of very silly happiness! If that isn't a flower, then we think it's probably going to be a live show to make you do honking loud laughs. A win all round! So - comedy madness and surreal musical musings, come and hang out in our room for an hour - we've missed you!
Event Tags: live music, sketch show, surreal
Warnings: Age 16+

Performance Dates and Times
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