The True Story Of The Little Girl Who Thought She Was The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Old Steine - Steine Main

Every little girl dreams of being special, but Ellie Rose doesn't just dream - she knows she's special. That's because she's the Messiah, destined to save the world from the forces of evil. But while waiting for her heavenly task to begin, Ellie must stand up to school bullies and defy totalitarian teachers. She must keep her place at the top of her maths class, meticulously checking every single piece of homework. And above all, she must get into the school play. But all the while, the world is darkening, childhood dreams are slipping away, and a slow realisation arises that real life is not at all like Ellie's expectations...
Event Tags: new work, solo show, storytelling
Warnings: Age 14+

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