50% Canadian, 100% Crazy: Contagion, Gestation, Infestation - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Old Steine - The Comedy Basement

Michelle's third solo show, and newest addition to what has now become the trilogy of '50% Canadian, 100% Crazy'. What the heck has happened? We went from normal to something out of a movie in what seemed like seconds. Many industries suffered, and travel and the gig economy took massive hits. What is a traveling comedian like Michelle supposed to do? Well, it turns out a good way to avoid FOMO is to get knocked up with twins! She gave birth to her identical surprise bundles November 17, 2020. So we have contagion, we have gestation, but what is infestation? A lady does not tell all her secrets at once. Michelle turns bumps in the road to moments she can share, where everyone feels the better for it. We have all been survivors the past few months, and there is nothing better than to laugh away the frustrations this pandemic has brought. The end is near, the future is bright.
Event Tags: solo show, stand-up, storytelling
Warnings: Age 15+

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