Awkwardian: Snapshots from an Anxious Life - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Old Steine - The Comedy Basement

Are you socially awkward? Do you worry about your reaction face when someone else is talking? Do you use your partner as a human shield at a social gathering? Fellow Awkwardian (Andy Storey - BBC Comedy Awards Finalist, Nationwide 'Yoga' Advert, BGT at The London Palladium) shares vivid snapshots from his anxious existence. Journeying into a misanthropic and awkward past, Andy's delicious slant on social encounters is a wicked quagmire of self-mortification. "To put it simply, every time I leave the house, or meet another human person, something inevitably goes cringe!" My show is for the outsiders, the socially anxious, the people who see and feel too much and the ordinary eccentrics who get by from day to day. Expect stand-up comedy with an inclusive and relaxed vibe. 'Andy Storey is so dry, better than a bottle of pinot.' (Sue Pollard) 'Determinedly low-key, Truly funny.' (EdFestMag)
Event Tags: solo show
Warnings: Age 16+

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