Amazing Adventures of Her Majesty at 90+ - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Werks - Werks Main

Affectionate musical comedy on the world's longest-serving monarch, now sadly bereft of her consort of 73 years. This is the story of a thoroughly modern, fully empowered female role model - she is a woman heading up a country, after all. This powerful, colourful lady head-of-state finally reveals her 'all' to her people, taking us on a riotous ride into hitherto unseen aspects of her life. You are regally commanded to join the singing, dancing Queen for tea, cake and more than you bargained for, with audience participation, SingalongaLiz & quiz. Don't miss the UK's answer to Mrs Maisel! Handbag - the older regal lady's Fleabag! 'A solid, warm performance with delightfully silly moments" *** The Reviews Hub
Event Tags: solo show, interactive, storytelling
Warnings: Age 5+

Performance Dates and Times
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