The Burlesque Imposter - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Werks - Werks Main
Cabaret and Variety

The true story of cabaret artist, Fanny Dent. As someone who uses burlesque to tell stories, Fanny doesn't need to be beautiful and feminine. Or does she? Have you ever felt like you can't live up to the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself? Fanny has always believed that deep down, she is special. That she can outshine everyone else and create true masterpieces - if people could just recognise real talent when they see it. Of course, that's impossible to live up to, but Fanny can't quite bring herself to give up on the idea that she is a true genius. Judge for yourself whether her routines live up to her lofty standards and join Fanny as she tells the story of why she started performing, and how real-life events inspired her to expose her fears, fantasies and ultimately, failures on stage. 'A great feel for comedic timing'-This is Cabaret.
Event Tags: comedy, burlesque, storytelling
Warnings: Age 18+

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