Des Kapital: Better Red Than Dead - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Werks - Werks Main
Cabaret and Variety

Join the pop star of the Proletariat, Des Kapital (winner of 'Gulag's Got Talent', 'The Ex-Soviet Republic Factor' and 'Strictly Commune Farming') for a live, physically distanced, safe, masked, and gelled Communist parody singalong to lift your Bolshevik spirits and crush your bourgeois urges! Des sings his hits including 'Engles' (Robbie) 'Trotsky' (Britney) 'Che' (Tom Jones) 'Berlin Wall' (Oasis) and 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Mao', along with new songs, a quiz, and a lecture on planning a revolution in lockdown, and storming Barnard Castle 1917 style! (Soon to be in the National Curriculum). No need to wait until October for a revolution, book your ticket now! Simply Red! (No Simply Red songs, sorry.)
Event Tags: historical, satire, storytelling
Warnings: Age 14+

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