Still Not Getting It - Brighton Fringe 2021

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Award-Winning company Girl Code Theatre bring their "powerful", "engaging" and "thought-provoking" documentary to Brighton Fringe. After sold-out shows in 2019 with their verbatim play Coming Home With Me, the feminist theatre-makers turned to documentary film-making during the pandemic to tell the stories of survivors who experienced harassment in Brighton throughout the first lockdown. Chatting to experts, using verbatim theatre techniques, and entirely female led; this film shines alight on the sexual harassment that plagues the streets of the UK. They also look at the ways this behaviour can be stopped and how we can all do our part to end sexism on our streets. Opening up a wider conversation about the systemic problems that cause this behaviour and what women in the UK are doing to put an end to it and what the men in our lives can be doing to be better allies.
Event Tags: Feminist, verbatim, documentary
Warnings: Age 14+

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