Harvey Greenfield is Running Late - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Old Steine - Steine Main

A groundbreaking one-man piece of comedic theatre that asks a simple question: Is it possible to please everyone, all of the time? And at what cost to your family and health? In this fast and frenetic comedy, award-winning writer/performer Paul Richards explores our need to please, and why it's sometimes healthy to, every now and then, just sit in a shed and play Subbuteo by yourself, eating biscuits and listening to Meat Loaf. Feature film version currently in development. "Like an alternative Ferris Bueller... the escalating web of chaos is skilfully scripted in the vein of a classic film comedy. ****" (The Scotsman) "Richards seems to have comic energy to burn... he makes Lee Evans seems narcoleptic by comparison. The result is mostly laugh-out-loud, but punctuated with sorrow. Ingeniously written and powerfully performed." (The Swindonian)
Event Tags: comedy, solo show, storytelling
Warnings: Age 12+

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