Hang On: I'll Be Right There - Brighton Fringe 2021

Sweet Werks - Werks Main
Dance and Physical Theatre

Have you ever needed to be in two places at once? Curiosity can be costly, especially if you end up encountering a plethora of problems along the way! As time ticks on, fear and franticity grows in the back of our protagonist's mind, as he knows he should continue on his journey... But will he be able to get unstuck? More importantly, will he be able to tear himself away from those who have watched and cheered him on, hoping he overcomes the holes he digs himself? This is what happens when you mix an innocent desire to impress, and a whole heap of obstacles. Hang on! I have to g - - Let me ju - - I'm stuck... I'll be right there!
Event Tags: circus, clown, physical theatre
Warnings: Age 8+

Performance Dates and Times
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